We are pleased to announce the Opening of
Youghal Together Pre-School/Breakfast & After School Club.
 (Tusla Registered)

Who is Eligible for FREE Pre-School?

The table below sets out when a child must have been born in order to be eligible  or just enter your child’s date of birth in the ECCE Calculator (https://www.childcare.ie/ecce-calculator) to find out your child’s eligibility for ECCE. 

Birth date betweenEligible enrolment date(s)
 1 Jan 2017 and 31 Dec 2017 1 Sept 2020 & 1 Sept 2021
 1 Jan 2018 and 31 Dec 2018 1 Sept 2021 & 1 Sept 2022
1 Jan 2019 and 31 Dec 20191 Sept 2022 & 1 Sept 2023
1 Jan 2020 and 31 Dec 20201 Sept 2023 & 1 Sept 2024
1 Jan 2021 and 31 Dec 20211 Sept 2024 & 1 Sept 2025
1 Jan 2022 and 31 Dec 20221 Sept 2025 & 1 Sept 2026
1 Jan 2023 and 31 Dec 20231 Sept 2026 & 1 Sept 2027

What subsidy am I entitled to for Breakfast/After School Club?

Our Afterschool Club is located on the school grounds. It runs daily from 1.10 pm to 5.30 pm. 

 All children will be brought to the room by their class teacher where they will be greeted by our Afterschool Co-ordinator. 

 So please ensure, you inform the class teacher that your child will be attending.

For Bookings – please contact The Manager – Carleton Wharf Pre-School/After School Club 085-8638658

As the Afterschool Club is in a classroom setting we do not have the option to heat food so please provide healthy snacks.

It is the policy of the Afterschool service to provide:

  • A period of time each day for homework. This session will be scheduled to take place directly after children have finished school.

  • A quiet relaxed atmosphere during homework sessions and encourage children to do the same.

  • Staff will be on hand to assist children with their homework. However, staff will not be responsible for signing children’s homework as it is very important that parents/guardians check each child’s homework.

  • The After-School Service recognises the importance of the parent's role in homework support and encourages them to check work completed, hear reading again etc. and play an active role in the homework supervision and support of their children

  • Subsidised (NCS) Fees must be paid weekly (please see below)

  • Parents/guardians will be required to pay for any days that their child/children do not attend the service

  • In the case of a long term, medically certified illness of a child, parents/guardians are advised to keep in contact with the Manager on a regular basis. Further arrangements will be discussed with the Parent/Guardian.

  • There will be no fees charged when the service is closed for Holidays.

  • There is no reduction in fees for Public/Bank Holidays.

  • One month’s notice is required when withdrawing your child from the Afterschool Club

  • When withdrawing your child one months’ notice is required/pay one month of fees.

  • Management also reserve the right to request that the Parent/Guardian withdraw their child/children from the service if they are not ‘settling in’ or adapting to the environment.

What does the National Childcare Scheme mean for parents?

The National Childcare Scheme is designed to be flexible, recognizing that childcare needs are different for each family. In creating a single national scheme, the aim is to operate within a user-friendly system that can respond to both the parent/carer’s unique circumstances and to also reflect the needs of providers. The National Childcare Scheme will replace all previous targeted programs available to parents/carers, and will enable some families to become eligible for subsidies for the first time. Parents/carers will apply directly to the Scheme for financial support for children up to the age of 15 years. https://www.ncs.gov.ie/en