South Abbey National School has a proud appreciation and love of sporting, artistic and science based pursuits aswell as much more. Have a look below to find out what's going on. 


We work closely with the Youghal GAA club to allow our pupils participate in GAA training sessions with a local coach who comes to our school and trains each class from Junior Infants up to Sixth class. This is a great time for developing skills that contribute to numerous sports. The children love the weekly GAA coaching and have great fun.


Our pupils participate in swimming lessons in the local swimming pool 'Aura' . As we are live in a beautiful coastal town, we feel it is important that our students learn how to swim. Helping our students to develop an awareness of water safety is an essential part of this and different classes are often brought to the local RNLI station for water safety talks. 


We promote active travel to school. We have secure bicycle and scooter parking available on the school grounds. Each year we participate in 'Bike Week'. During this week we put a special focus on cycling, we encourage all our pupils to cycle to and from school, to go for a cycle as part of their homework each day and teach them about the importance of road safety with a specific focus on cycling.  


Every day at break and lunch time the children have the option of participating in fully supervised soccer games on the court. The games have a full time teacher watching, supporting and monitoring the fun. We believe sport is an integral part of developing skill, discipline and respect. We also work closely with Youghal United AFC to promote participation in physical activity. 

Green Schools 

The school is very proud to have received three green flags. Our first green flag was awarded for litter and waste management. The second green flag received was for saving energy. The third green flag focused on water conservation. We are very proud of our flags and we wish to encourage and equip each child to look after our planet for future generations.

Local Historical Walks

Informing pupils about local history is an important goal for us. What better way is there to teach than to allow the pupils to go and see for themselves the fantastic historical sites around Youghal. Each year, we try to bring the older classes on historical walks around the town so that they can develop an awareness and understanding of these sites.

Working with the Community 

Students from Second and Third class from South Abbey National school are currently participating in the Picker Pals environmental programme which will last until the end of the school year in June. The Picker Pals programme develops children's awareness and community responsibility around the issue of litter.
The active part of Picker Pals programme involves children taking it in turns to bring home the Picker Pack. This pack contains all the tools needed to go litter picking with a parent or other trusted adult. The idea is not to clean up the whole town but to pick up a few items of litter and engage in conversation around the issue of littering. Students and their families have been enjoying participating in the programme and are happy to be a part of our litter solution.
Well done to all the pupils and families who have signed up to take part.

Hands On Learning 

It is a top priority for us to get our pupils involved and active in their learning. Allowing them to to develop practical life long skills and knowledge will help to prepare them for their future. 

Science Week 

Pupils always look forward to this week each year as they are provided with multiple opportunities throughout the week to explore , wonder and let the imaginations run wild.

Creative Week 

This week is an exciting one in South Abbey, as everyone did their best to show their creative side. Pupils and staff worked together to try and come up with different ideas to encourage this. Some of the activities pupils participated in are as follows:
  • Whole School Art project- Each child in the school coloured/ painted a hand print which we will use next week to create a whole school display.
  • Drama: Pupils and staff tried some "Socially Distanced Drama Games", these were great fun and created many laughs for everyone .
  • Music: Each class was assigned a time slot to go outside and dance to different styles of music played out over the playground using speakers. This was a very enjoyable activity and we were blessed with the weather, check out some of the moves on show below.

More coming soon ...

We have numerous new and exciting activities for children that will be posted soon.