South Abbey National School has a proud appreciation and love of sporting, artistic and science based pursuits aswell as much more. Have a look below to find out what's going on. 


Every Friday a GAA coach comes to the school and trains each class
from Junior Infants up to Sixth class. This is a great time for developing skills that contribute to numerous sports. The children love the weekly GAA coaching and have great fun.

Green Schools 

The school is very proud to have received three green flags.
Our first green flag was awarded for litter and waste management.
The second green flag received was for saving energy.
The third green flag focused on water conservation.
We are very proud of our flags and we wish to encourage
and equip each child to look after our planet for future generations.


Every day at break and lunch time the children have the option of participating
in fully supervised soccer games on the court. 
The games have a full time teacher watching, supporting and monitoring the fun.
We believe sport is an integral part of
developing skill, discipline and respect.


More coming soon ...

We have numerous new and exciting activities for children that will be posted soon.