Documents and Policies 

Please find useful documents and school policies available for download below.



Please find useful documents such as school calendars, book lists, reports, general information and much more. 
Whole School Evaluation.pdf
New School Uniform & School Crest letter.pdf
School Calendar Academic Year 2024-2025.pdf
Fifth Class Stationery List 2023-2024.pdf
Sixth Class Stationery List 2023-2024.pdf
Fourth Class Stationery List 2023 - 2024.pdf
Third Class Stationery List 2023-2024.pdf
Second Class Stationery List 2023 -2024.pdf
First Class Stationery List 2023-2024.pdf
Senior Infants Stationery List 2023-2024.pdf
Junior Infants Stationery List 2023-2024.pdf


Please find below a list of the policies providing guidance around conducts within the school. 
Admissions Policy.pdf
Notification of Intention to Apply 2023-24..pdf
SEN Policy June 2023.pdf
Data Protection Policy.pdf
Assistive Tech. & Devices Equip. Policy.pdf
Critical Incident Policy June 2023.pdf
Administration of Medicine Policy June 2023.pdf
Anti-Bullying Policy June 2023.pdf
Health and Safety Statement June 2023.pdf
Wellbeing Policy June 2023.pdf
Home School Partnership Policy 2023.pdf
Intimate Care - Toileting Policy June 2023.pdf
Acceptable Use Policy June 2023.pdf
Child Safeguarding Statement June 2023.pdf
Code of Behaviour June 2023.pdf

Policies and Documents

Our policies and documents provide the bedrock for a safe and effective learning environment for all the students in South Abbey.